More Druid 08 kit feedback


Received my Zu driver upgrade kit the other day [Druid Mk4 / 08 Kit], and performed the surgery on Saturday afternoon.  Here's the report:

1.  The [instructional] video is great, very clear instructions by example, glad you guys did that.  Way more helpful than a printed manual.

2.  I completed my first speaker upgrade in about 15 minutes.  Second one took about 20 minutes because my FastOns weren't so "FastOff" on the full range driver.  Absolutely simple, easy, and fun!

3.  Audio test - immediate and fantastic improvements all around the frequency band.  The highs are definitely sweeter and clearer.  Vocals are off the rails.  And perhaps most noticeable is the texture of the strings instruments.  Especially on some rare U2 acoustic jam sessions I have.  The low end is outstanding and fuller.

At dinner last night I was espousing the virtues of one great company in Utah called Zu to all my unsuspecting friends that need to get on the Zu Audio train. I'll make converts out of them all!

I loved doing the upgrade, gave me an added sense of ownership of these babies.    I've been ready to upgrade to Presence since I first heard they were coming out last year.  But there is something awesome about these Druids and their minimalist design.  I love the super tight subwoofer-less lower end, and the coherence.  There is no speaker tighter in the low end than Druid.  I don't think I will ever be able to part with the Druids, might just have to buy Presence as a second pair! 

Anyway, keep up the awesome work.  Zu remains the coolest company on my list...and that's from a guy whom works for Google-- a pretty cool company as well.  :)

Ok, well I'm off to my turtable experts here in the Bay Area to get my Linn LP12 turntable out of storage since moving, tuned up, and fitted with the Zu DL-103 which I received along with my Druid kit.  Rock and roll!!


-- R.J.