Zu DL-103 MC Phono Pickup (Reformed, Transfigured & Naked!)

Check it out folks, Zu does the Denon DL-103 like only Zu can.

More photos coming. Two reviewers have it in their hot little hands: Danny Kaey and Art Dudley.

Price: $399 (Direct Worldwide)

Based on the legendary Denon DL-103­—nuded, with machined body, dual compound epoxy potted motor assembly and body, increased weight and machined directly into body EIA standard two hole mounting.

So what’s it sound like?

The original DL-103 is a classic, easy to set up and it really soaks the music from those stereo grooves. It’s easy on the ears, has “super cart” status in the meat of the music range, with real stereophonic magicness. While the original has life, compared to modern pickups it aint all that resolving in the bass; lacks detail as a whole, and is loosygoosy particularly in shimmer and treble tone, has this hazy-lazy pot-puffin thing going on­ (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the popular hifi sound with source gear and speakers trying to rip your head off with high frequency distortion).

The Zu DL-103 cleans it all up, expanding all the good traits, adds incisiveness and full bandwidth dynamic slam and delicacy—all without making it sound like a soulless modern cartridge. Zu DL-103 is all about bottom to top sexy wet analog realism. Yeah, it has resolution, attack, soundscape magic, and real tone.

Bandwidth: 15 Hz — 45 kHz
Output: 0.3 mV
Impedance: 40 Ω (± 2 Ω)
Compliance: 5 x 10 -6 cm/dyne
Weight: 14 grams (includes mounting screws)
Stylus Pressure: 2.7 grams @ 70˚F for wide dynamic range media
Recommended Resistive Load: 80 — 150 Ohms
Recommended Resistive Load:
Stylus: diamond, crystal aligned, conical cut (more on this later-like why this is better than "Deeper in the groove" skinny ass needles
Warranty: 5-year limited, does not cover busted cantilevers...
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