Sean’s show report:

A great show, even after missing the ship date and having to drive the gear out from Utah; it's only 2100 miles, one way.

Zu had a great time in NY; really fun people, got to talk with some great music freaks, put names and faces together--might have even sold a few things. Only problem was that I didn't get around much, Ron was stuck in the room playing DJ and trying to make a few sales, and I was outside playing hall monitor with Koby. First show we actually had a line to check our stuff out.


Comments from EnjoyTheMusic.com:

"Zu is one that sort of does it all, and more importantly from what I heard at the show does thing right too. Got to hear their Druid Mk IV speakers, which are their next to top end unit. These were connected to the rest of their system using, of course, Zu cables. Unfortunately, they hadn't named them yet so can't tell you what they were. In total, Zu's system was another one of my absolute favorites from the show both for the price and the sound." —Brett Rudolph

Comments from 6moons.com:

         One of the most interesting pieces of info I walked away with was from Sean Casey at Zu. They've been working on a modification for the Denon 103 cartridge. Yes, you heard that right - a mod for the Denon 103. I ran into Sean in the Hall and must have stopped dead in my room-sniffing tracks when he told me. I did manage a quick peek into the Zu room which featured a home theater setup but I grabbed some 2-channel time with the Druids and very much liked what I heard. Sean is another no-BS kinda guy and if I were a match-making type, I'd see some sort of Zu/Rogue setup somewhere down the road. All's I know is I'd want to be at that party. —Michael Lavorgna