Brazilian Hi-Fi show

Fabiana with Zu Druids. She became a Zu fan during the show. She found out that Zu speakers are a great choice for those who love Brazilian music, for two reasons: Druids do rythym and timing extremely well and they are forgiving with "hot" recordings. In her words: "I hear more music and less digital nasties".

The Tone Audio Girls, in charge of traffic control and line management. We had a line outside the Zu room during most of Saturday and Sunday.  The speakers generated lots of interest, specially with music-lovers. In fact we had many repeat visitors and our room was crowded most of the time.  Most overheard comments: "Very natural sound", "they sound like live music".

The Audiopax 88 amplifiers were a match made in heaven with the Druids. I had a special black piano lacquer version, on loan from Eduardo.  We used the following Zu cables: Bok + Mother + Ibis.  You may have noticed the inexpensive pre-cut granite slabs under the Druids.  These serve two purposes: to slightly increase soundstage height and to follow ZU's instructions regarding the bass "slot" under the speakers.

- Carlos Alberto S. Souza

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