Omen Center

Omen Center

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Omen Center is designed specifically for center-channel applications, with vocal resolution and natural presentation being the primary design goal. The Omen series represent the meat and potatoes of what Zu is about, standardized and designed for high-volume loudspeaker production—the only way to get this level of quality, performance, and good looks at this price. Our drivers, machine work, cabinetry, finish, assembly, packaging, all done by us in Ogden, Utah.

Mark-one-bee is fitted with our nanotech sanctified composite paper cored cone; this new 10” full-range driver uses the same great Zu260 motor assembly, and when combined with these new nanometer materials and lay up gives the perfect combination of classic Zu tone and resolving transparency. The change in capacitors is also a pretty healthy step forward in treble resolution, switching from the PulseX to the ClartiyCap MR. This combination of our nanotech driver and ClarityCap MR provides better transparency and blending in the tweeter high-pass network.


Price is for a single, but you know that.

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Zu Custom Shop

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  • Custom gloss, matte, veneer available
  • Custom color anodized driver rings and tweeter lenses available
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Even though Omen series are our entry level loudspeaker, they are still built to last a lifetime: cabinet material, adhesives, driver assemblies... every component is a high quality part designed to perform.

Omen Technologies Old & New

Omen Center, like all Zu products, is built around the critical human voice (A1, 55Hz, through A6 and all the possible harmonics, to approximately 10kHz). Serving this critical region of tone is Zu’s 5th generation 260 standard motor 10.3” [260mm] nanotech/paper composite full-range driver. And despite what many audio snobs might think about it based on price, Omen loudspeakers are true state-of-the-art loudspeaker systems—two-channel stereo or multi-channel home theater.

Omen Center Mk.I-B, what’s different?

  • New nanotech Zu260FRD/ND full-range driver.
  • ClartiyCap MR capacitor used in the high-pass network.
  • Revised high-pass network values for better transparency and driver blending.
  • Much tighter matched pair tolerances on drivers and electrical components.
  • 600 hours of high intensity factory burn-in.


Standard finishes are top coated by UV protecting premium grade conversion varnish. All finish work is done in Zu’s custom finish shop.

Quick Setup Notes

Omen Center is designed to be used as a center-channel loudspeaker. The sound great mounted to a stand or sitting on a shelf.

The ideal position for Omen Center is horizontally in-line with the acoustic center of your left / right main loudspeakers—only really accomplished with acoustically transparent screens. When using it with direct view monitors, we recommend positioning it as close to the bottom of the screen as possible.

RoHS compliant. All parts used within Omen Center are 100% recyclable. They do not contain any toxic material as finished. Any Zu product or part may be sent back to Zu, free of charge, for proper reuse or disposal. Zu Omen Center loudspeaker systems are classified as a lifetime life-cycle product and will most likely be in service for well over 50 years.

Tips on Getting Great Sound From OMEN Center

Omen Center loudspeaker now get 600 hours of factory burn-in, it will sound good right out of the box but will not give you its best for several weeks, depending on how much play it get and what kind of music it sees. If at first you find it restrained and a bit conservative, relax, it will come around.

Zu Omen Center loudspeaker is sensitive to the cold. If you have received, moved or stored it in cold temperatures it will take a week or so to again sound its best.