Omen Bookshelf

Omen Bookshelf

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Omen Bookshelf Mk.II [Rev-B]

Omen loudspeakers are designed for max vocal range resolution and natural presentation being the primary design goal. 

Mk.II [Rev-B] features changes Over Mk.I

  • New nanotech sanctified composite paper cored cone assembly (Zu260FRD) driver.

  • Machined aluminum nameplate with laser engraving that also facilitates ZuB3 input and parallel 5-way binding posts.

  • Mission Mk.II internal cable harness, not just Mission level hookup wire.

  • ClarityCap MR capacitors on the high-pass network, matched to within 1/50th of a microfarad or better.

  • Revised high-pass network values for better transparency and driver blending.

  • Tighter tolerancing and improved full-range driver matching algorithms for improved tone and stereophony.

(There were only a handful of Mk.II [Rev-A] were made, which were the same as the new Mk.II Rev-B save they did not include the ZuB3 input, only the 5-way binding posts. All other features are the same between Mk.II Rev-A and Mk.II Rev-B.)

Omen Bookshelf Mk.II features some pretty serious upgrades over the original. Biggest of the differences is the new nanotech sanctified composite paper cored cone driver. This new 10” full-range driver uses the same great Zu260 motor assembly, combined with our new nanometer materials matrix and proprietary lay-up gives the perfect combination of classic Zu tone and resolving transparency. The change in capacitors is also a pretty healthy step forward in treble resolution, switching from the PulseX to the ClarityCap MR. Tolerances between matched pair have also tightened up for even better stereophonic realism; now .5% match on drivers and 0.1% on all other electrical parts.


Price is for a matched pair.

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About the Omen Series

The Omen series represent the meat and potatoes of what Zu is about, standardized and designed for high-volume loudspeaker production—the only way to get this level of quality, performance, and good looks at this price. Our drivers, machine work, cabinetry, finish, assembly, packaging, all done by us in Ogden, Utah.

Even though Omen series are our entry level loudspeaker, they are still built to last a lifetime: cabinet material, adhesives, driver assemblies... every component is a high quality part designed to perform.

With Zu’s no questions asked 60-day satisfaction guarantee, you must give Omen a listen. Play your music, be it Buddy Holly, pre Vegas Elvis, or Sword.... Omen is the right speaker for every concert fanatic, music junky and extreme sports lunatic; because splitting your cash between your lifestyle outside and your lifestyle inside just got a whole lot louder!

Quick Specs

HWD: 18” x 12” x 12” [45.8 x 30.5 x 30.5cm]
Footprint: 12” x 12” [30.5 x 30.5cm]
Weight: 35 pounds [16 kg] each
Bandwidth: 50 – 25,000
Efficiency: 97 dB-SPL 1W@1m
Impedance: 12 ohm
Power Amp Range: 4 – 200 watt
Made by us in our home town of Ogden, Utah—U.S.A.

Omen Bookshelf Technologies Old & New

Omen Bookshelf, like all Zu products, is built around the critical human voice (A1, 55Hz, through A6 and all the possible harmonics, to approximately 12kHz). Serving this critical region of tone is Zu’s 5th generation 260 standard motor 10.3” [260mm] nanotech/paper composite full-range driver. And despite what many audio snobs might think about it based on price or it’s trad’ old school look, Omen Bookshelf is a true state-of-the-art loudspeaker housed in a sealed cabinet design.

Zu260FRD/ND Full-Range 10” Driver

We take the technology and commercialization of Zu high output nanotech driver (Zu103ND) and match it too our proven 10” standard motor full-range driver.


Standard finishes are top coated by UV protecting premium grade conversion varnish. All finish work is done in Zu’s custom finish shop using processes and techniques developed by top U.S. acoustic guitar builders for a deep rich three dimensional look and great feel.

Cabinet Work And Materials Pallet

Omen Bookshelf is made from North American high density composite wood plate (Comp-60), machined on state-of-the-art CNC mills. Omen uses real wood veneer laid-up and pressed at the plywood factory and not glued after assembly. This ensures your finish will not lift or warp, and it yields the flattest surfaces and tightest seams. For glue, it’s Titebond III, for the highest joint strength and a lifetime of unfailing, moisture-proof service.

RoHS compliant. All parts used within Omen are 100% recyclable. They do not contain any toxic material as finished. Any Zu product or part may be sent back to Zu, free of charge, for proper reuse or disposal. Zu Omen loudspeaker systems are classified as a lifetime life-cycle product and will most likely be in service for well over 100 years.

Tips For Getting Great Sound From Omen Bookshelf

Place your new Omens Bookshelf speakers on the shelf or tabletop, connect your loudspeaker cables, turn on your amplifier and push play. Easy. Also know that Omen Bookshelf loudspeaker are sensitive to the cold so if you have received, moved or stored it in cold temperatures it will take a week or so to again sound their best.