Druid Mk.VI

Druid Mk.VI

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Druid Mk.VI is all new: full-range drivers, tweeter, cabinet, construction methodology. Improvements over the Mk.V include improved resolution throughout the musical spectrum, and bass is significantly better, with excellent extension, articulation and shove. The new cabinet is a wood cored fiber reinforced composite complete with full filleting.

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Druid Mk.VI is a fifty inch [130cm] tall, seven inch [18cm] deep, floor standing loudspeaker system with a footprint of 12–3/4 inches [32.5cm] square. It’s a high efficiency and high power handling design and features our ten inch [26cm] full-range nanotech driver augmented by a Radian based driven tweeter assembly to color in the harmonic structure and detail of the upper most treble. Druid is capable of extraordinary power and coherent full-spectrum resolution, bass through treble, despite its relatively small size.


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At the 2017 California Audio Show, where I spent three full days, I was in the Zu room more than anywhere else. And I say that fully acknowledging how much I enjoyed the rooms by Audio Federation (Acapella), Von Schweikert/VAC/Eigen Audio, Sound Lab, Audio Note, Volti Audio and others. Zu was showing the new Druid Mk VI, which had not yet been released at the time of the show. It was the best sound I had heard from a Zu speaker but, again, there was that musically compelling thing going on and it was going on in spades. I was thoroughly enchanted by what I was hearing. –Dan Rubin Dagogo [link]

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Having both lived with Druid Mk.V and Mk.VI, it's no question this speaker kicks ass. Think of Druid Mk.V as your Mustang. Think of Druid Mk.VI as your Shelby GT500.... similar but completely different. Druid Mk.VI is so clean and effortless. Crazy resolution from top to bottom. Nice and detailed but not analytical. Improved bass response over Mk.V for sure. Most home applications won't need a subwoofer but hey.... adding one or two never hurts and makes it that much more exciting. If you can't tell a difference or enjoy the performance of the new Mk.VI you're just plain deaf or have something wacky going on inside. -GK