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Take a pair of new Sennheiser 280 Pro closed-back phones (which are great stock) strip all the old cable out, all the way back to each driver's voice-coil, then rewire ‘em with Zu Mobius headphone cable. This takes serious talent and a good bit of work. The Mobius cable is contiguous, there are no splices at the entry point, each channel runs totally spliceless from input plug to each ear-piece.

Standard with 1/8" [3.5mm] mini-phone plug. Includes 1/4" [6mm] screw-on adaptor so either way you're covered.

(Price includes your choice of cable color. You will be prompted at checkout for your selection. Shown is Blue Grass.)

Click here for a PDF of available colors.

Sound is much more transparent and extended, with better shove and detail over the stock phones. Comfortable, tough, compact, excellent isolation from outside sounds, great sound and a rock solid Zu two-year warranty. No, they don’t fit under your snowboard helmet. Yes, people that really love music and sonic fidelity will give you that knowing nod when you sport them at the gym or while driving your desk around the office.

Stock, the 280 Pro have a decent cable harness, but fidelity was second on the targets sheet—production, multi-situational functionality and toughness drove the decisions and the stock coiled cable is designed for just that.

We disassemble the complete phone, remove the interfacing circuit board and remove the suspect interconnecting internal wire. We then take our Zu Mobius headphone cable (originally developed for the Senn HD-600/650 but really killing it within the 280s), trim out the cable assembly so that the cable runs splice-free from connector, into the phones and directly to the voice-coil lead ins on each of the driver. This is currently done by Stef, and only Stef. She has her systems dialed in, still having done a ton of this, it still takes her about an hour, and that's with the cable assemblies all ready and prepped out by James. Cable costs plus labor, the value of fidelity increase, the easy of working with Zu... you really are getting a killer deal here. Give 'em a try and see.

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