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(I always wanted that as a job title –HD

A non-entertaining singer/songwriter. Heavy on the songwriting but don't ask to see copy.

"The guitar is a tool, tone is nice but content is king. Yeah, (pensively) if you don't have fantastic lyrics you probably shouldn't sing them."

Here's just a handful of the bands and artistes that Mr. Day digs: Joanna Newsome, Lenard Cohan, The Books, Animal Collective, Neutral Milk Hotel, Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker, Chad VanGaalen, Broken Social Seen, (Shins? No, only one of their albums is in my favorites so I can't in good conscience include them in my list of favorites.) Giant Sand, Silver Jews, Radiohead, Matmos, Dawes, The Legendary Pink Dots, Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes, Joanna Newsome (man, if I wasn't gay she would be the one, then again maybe Fiest) Nick Drake, Nick Cave, Nick Zamuto—All the Nicks really, Ryan Adams (yeah, Ryan Adams) I can't really get into most hip-hop. However, I do like Doseone, The Game, Common, Deep Puddle Dynamics, The Digable Planets, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Why? but their not really hip-hop, Serengeti, Alias, cLoudead, Atmosphere... I'm not really into OutKast, maybe that's weird, I can listen to it but I don't own any of their albums. And yes, It is true, when I get a new album I will likely listen to it for two weeks straight, give or take, unless I really like it then I might listen to it back to back to back for a month, just to makes sure it's worthy of liking. Yeah, that's about right. Motorhead? Hmm, they're okay. And I'm not really into Jack White—the White Stripes maybe, Meg for sure. So many mixed messages, but seriously I really am gay, promise.

Just in case I missed any: