SwitchCraft Hollow-Pin RCA (Red)

SwitchCraft Hollow-Pin RCA (Red)


Red, but staying true to the vintage look, we apply UV protected epoxy into the knurl.

Old-school SwitchCraft 3502 [Rev-standard] hollow-pin RCA plug, nickel plated—plus Zu detailed and prepped. We love these things. They are tough, constant and they sound really good when prepped and soldered like you know what you are doing. We recommend you also solder the junction of the shield strap.

  • Rugged, cold-rolled hollow-pin.
  • Full nickel plate.
  • Accepts cable up to 13/64" (.20) [5.1mm]. 
  • Compact barrel diameter .407" [10.34mm].
  • Compact barrel length .686" [17.43mm].
  • Solid ground tulip contact, but not too grabby or tight.
  • BONUS: Inside of hollow pin is solvent cleaned and etched by Zu to ensure excellent termination quality.
  • BONUS: Pin outer, ground tulip and body are polished at Zu to ensure lowest contact resistance and enhanced look and feel.

Price is per connector.

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