Rubber Footers - 4 Pack

Rubber Footers - 4 Pack


We are sold out of these, orders coming in now will start to ship August 19th. Orders can still be placed and put in the queue.

One pack (4x) needed per loudspeaker—two packs required for a pair.

These work with all Zu floor standing loudspeakers including our subwoofers. Here’s what these vibration damping feet do:

  • Protect your wood or tile floor without having to slide coins or glides under the original equipment ball-end footers. When installed, the gap-height (the space between bottom of speaker and floor) is no longer altered by adjusting the footer, instead use magazines (Rolling Stone fits perfect) or the like between floor and loudspeaker bottom to create the desired gap. [Details on gap here]

  • These specifically engineered rubber-type footers will significantly reduce the transmission of vibration between the loudspeaker and the floor. In most cases this reduces noise and improves resolution.

  • Where spikes cut through the carpet and couple the mass of the speaker and the floor, these footers decouple. Decoupling lowers the loudspeaker cabinets fundamental resonance significantly.

  • Your neighbors will also be less annoyed as these feet will significantly reduce the number of calls you get from those living under and around you.

  • Simple to install, the rubber feet have a threaded insert that fits the original ball-end footer screws. Simply remove the nut from the ball-end screws, turn the screw so there is about a 1/2” [12mm] visible, thread the rubber foot onto the screw and cinch it up by hand. The only tool you need is a wrench to loosen the 9/16” [14mm] ball-end screw nut.

Made in Ohio for Zu by Tech Products.

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