Presence Upgrade Kit Sans Amps

Presence Upgrade Kit Sans Amps


This is a full-out rebuild of this classic Zu speaker. It's not cheap but it will totally transform them. This kit does not include new amplification for the bass section, for that you need to also purchase the Presence Amp Upgrade Kit.

There are two stages of upgrades available for the Presence. This everything but the amps kit requires some woodworking skill—if you are not comfortable with a keyhole saw, electric hand drill and wood rasp please don’t purchase the upgrade and attempt to do this yourself. Instead, purchase the kit, get your speakers back to Zu and have us do it for you, factory service is $600 for the pair.

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 Stage-1 Everything But The New Subwoofer Amps

Note: identification for this stage of the upgrade are: tweeter visual and Presence/2013 marked backplate. Note, Druid/2013 and Presence/2013 upgrade share the same lens and tweeter template as well as the same high-pass filter assembly. Difficulty: moderate. Cutting and surfacing of the bulkhead that divides the full-range driver from the tweeter. Total estimated time for a first-timer is one day (8 hours).

1x Matched pair Radian 950-Zu tweeter drivers. The 950 fits, the 850 will not it’s just too large.
1x Set Zu/Radian Druid/Presence Retrofit machined lenses.
8x Custom machined stainless tweeter compression screws (5mm Allen).
1x Matched pair set of high-pass networks assembled and ready to plug in. ClarityCap MR 630V, Mills N/I, Zu Event, Panduit connectors, all .005% matched.
1x Radian 950-Zu tweeter lens cutout template.
1x Radian 950-Zu bulkhead port cutout template.
2x Internal acoustic rework kits [Presence specific].  (1 quart QuietCoat, 2x acoustic foam precut kits, 3x rubber gloves, 1x brush.)
1x Matched set Zu Event harness with ZuB3/binding post combo backplate assembly.
12x Fasteners for new plate.

Required Tools

  • Clean workspace; plastic sheet over a blanket over coffee table is perfect.
  • 5mm Allen key or driver, for assembly of the new tweeter assembly.
  • #1 square drive screwdriver, for removal of old tweeter screws.
  • #2 Philips screwdriver.
  • T-27 (T-25 also works) for removal of old backplate assembly.
  • 3/4” auger hole saw and drill.
  • Keyhole saw.
  • Masking tape to prevent finish damage.

Stage-1 / Full-Range Driver Upgrade Phase

Note: the identification for the full-range driver portion of the upgrade is the machined model number in the FRD. Difficulty: easy. Time: one hour.

1x Matched pair high-output nanotech (Zu103ND/G1-16) drivers w/ 600 hours burn-in.
16x #9 Torx T-25 stainless FRD mounting screws.

Required Tools

  • Clean workspace; a blanket over coffee table is perfect for this phase of the project.
  • #1 square drive, for removal of your old Presence drivers (not included).
  • T-25 screwdriver, used to install the new T-25 FRD fastening screws (not included). 


Refund for the safe return of your good condition original full-range drivers, $200.
Refund for the safe return of your good condition original tweeter assemblies, $100.

D.I.Y. Warranty

Limited two year warranty on parts only. No warranty for your workmanship. Zu will cover shipping on warrantied parts, but D.I.Y. service is expected.

Factory Warranty

Limited two year* warranty on parts and workmanship, cabinet areas that are not modified are not covered. Zu will cover shipping on warrantied parts, but D.I.Y. service is expected.

*Limited five year warranty if extended warranty and factory service are purchased/performed. Covers all parts and labor including the whole of the cabinet. If warranty is needed complete loudspeaker shipping is not covered. Zu will cover shipping on parts and D.I.Y. service is expected.