Panduit Quick Connects .205" (FastOn™)

Panduit Quick Connects .205" (FastOn™)


Have you been looking for good disconnects that fit on the smaller than 1/4" sized used on a lot of the US made loudspeaker drivers? These are likely your solution. Panduit Quick Connects (FastOn) .205" premium disconnects. We love these, they are the very same we use anytime we need to make a .205 x .020" disconnect connection, like on our full-range drivers. They mate with a super tight, high conductance connection.

  • For .205" x .020" push on male tabs.

  • Wire range: #14 – #16 AWG

  • Premium nylon insulated.

  • Tinned brass with butted seam.

  • 600V rated.

We recommend the Panduit CT-1525 or CT-2500 crimping tool.

For full detail of the Panduit DPF14-206FIB-M click here.

Price is for 4x disconnects.

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