Panduit Quick Connects 1/4" (FastOn™)

Panduit Quick Connects 1/4" (FastOn™)


Panduit Quick Connects (FastOn) 1/4" premium disconnects. We love these, the same we use anytime we need to make a 1/4" disconnect connection, like on our 5-way binding posts—they mate with a super tight, high conductance connection!

  • For .250" x .032" push on male tabs.
  • Wire range: #14 – #16 AWG 
  • Premium nylon insulated.
  • Tinned brass with butted seam.
  • 600V rated.

We recommend the Panduit CT-1525 or CT-2500 crimping tool.

For full detail of the Panduit DPF14-250FIB-M click here.

Price if for 4x disconnects.

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