Omen Def Mk.I-B Tweeter Upgrade Kit

Omen Def Mk.I-B Tweeter Upgrade Kit


$100 refund for the safe return of your old tweeter assemblies.

Upgrade your Omen Def Mk.I-B speakers with the ClarityCap MR based high-pass networks. These networks are not part of the Omen Def Mk.I-B specification, they are an upgrade.

The kit contains two new matched pair tweeter assemblies complete with high-pass networks that feature the ClarityCap MR capacitors. Everything is assembled and ready to swap out. All you need is a #1 square-drive and T-25 star-drive screwdrivers. You unscrew the old units and screw the new ones in. Easy. Electrical connections are done with FastOn disconnects.

(Kit price is for a matched 2-channel set of parts.)

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