Omen Mk.I-B Upgrade Kit

Omen Mk.I-B Upgrade Kit


$200 refund with the safe return of the old full-range drivers and tweeters. Kit price is for a match set of parts—both left and right speakers.

Update your Omen loudspeakers to full Mk.I-B status with this simple full-range driver and tweeter assembly swap out.

Omen Mk.I-B are now fitted with nanotech drivers (Zu260FRD/ND) and marked as one-bee [Mk.I-B] and we are making the drivers available to those that would like to upgrade their original Omen loudspeakers. These drivers are different than the high-output Zu103ND drivers used in other models. These drivers present the same 12 ohm load to your amp, keep the same great tone and texture of the originals but give you improved transparency. These drivers are engraved Zu260FRD/ND on the face of the center cone for easy identification. Additional the Omen Mk.I-B is fitted with a high-pass network on the tweeters that utilizes the outstanding ClarityCap MR capacitor.

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So about the Omen Mk.I-B Upgrade Kit.... The most important element of a loudspeaker is the driver—the round part that vibrates and turns electric power into sound. And when a loudspeaker is built around a full-range driver like ours it makes the driver all that much more critical. Omen Mk.I-B has one very big difference over it’s predecessor and now feature nanotech coned drivers and high-pass networks which utilize the ClarityCap MR capacitors—get more resolution of bass, mids and treble, more resolution of tone and texture.

What’s In The Kit?

1x Matched pair (2x total units) of Zu260FRD/ND drivers (paper-cored nanotech 10” full-range drivers factory burned-in for 600 peddle to the metal hours).

1x Matched pair of tweeter driver assemblies complete with installed and plug and play ready ClarityCap MR based high-pass network.

1x Purpose built packaging—to ensure the safe return of your old drivers you must repackage the old ones the same way the new ones were packaged. If they’re not, and damage results you will not receive the refund.

Required Tools

  • Clean workspace; a blanket over coffee table is perfect.
  • T-25 screwdriver (not included).
  • #1 square-drive screwdriver (not included).

How It’s Done

This is a very easy swap, and no soldering is required. Make sure you are button, snaps, belt buckle and wristwatch free.

  1. Switch off your electronics and disconnect your speaker cables.
  2. With a clean work space and a clean blanket or rug, lay it down with drivers facing up.
  3. Careful not to poke a hole in the cone or surround, remove the full-range driver fasteners.
  4. Remove the full-range machined trim ring and sit it aside.
  5. Grab hold of the machined center cylinder of the driver and lift it up, or use the rim.
  6. With it just clear of the cabinet cradle the driver from the backside with your other hand.
  7. Remove leads by gently rocking the connector longitudinally and pulling.
  8. After all leads are disconnected from the full-range driver set it off to the side.
  9. Remove the four #1 square-drive screws securing the tweeter assembly.
  10. Reach through the main driver hole and push the tweeter assembly out of the cabinet using your free hand to lift it clear.
  11. Install new tweeters and fasten; a snug torque on the screws is enough.
  12. Now move the FRD into position, connect red to + tab on the driver then fit the FRD.

Torque The Full-Range Driver

First pass around, gently torque the screws.
Second pass around, torque firmly; using standard screwdriver and one hand.
Third pass around, torque as tightly as you can; using standard screwdriver and one hand (80 inch pounds [9 N-m]).

Repackage Old Drivers 

Repack the old drivers exactly like you received them.

  • Use the hard gasket between the two drivers.
  • Use the same fasteners.
  • Torque the screw with a 3/16” hex screwdriver or a T-25 screwdriver.
  • Send them back for refund.

D.I.Y. Warranty

Limited two year warranty on parts only. No warranty for your workmanship. Zu will cover shipping on parts and D.I.Y. service is expected.

Factory Warranty

Limited two year warranty on parts and workmanship, cabinet areas that are not modified are not covered. Zu will cover shipping on parts and D.I.Y. service is expected.

Limited five year warranty if extended warranty and factory service are purchased/performed. Covers all parts and labor including the whole of the cabinet. If warranty is needed complete loudspeaker shipping may not be covered. Zu will cover shipping on parts and D.I.Y. service is expected.