Omen DW ClarityCap MR Upgrade

Omen DW ClarityCap MR Upgrade


On Your Feet or on Your Knees (kitchen table or on the rug) these Omen Dirty Weekend tweeter/filter network assemblies can be easily installed in-home with simple screwdriver-level DIY skills - no soldering or safeword required.

Shipping the first week of June

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The filter on the tweeter of the Omen Dirty Weekend Mk.II is a simple monopole, a single capacitor. The stock capacitor used is a decent polypropylene ERSE Pulse-X. Upgrading from this to the ClarityCap MR makes quite a nice difference, increasing the resolution of the treble while simultaneously making the sound more wholistic—relaxed, smooth, comfortably more vibrant and pleasurable.

ClarityCap MR upgrade consists of a new matched pair of tweeters with the ClarityCap MR filters attached and ready for easy installation:

  1. Remove the 10” full-range driver (Torx T-25 screw heads).

  2. Wiggle the Faston connections off the full-range driver tabs.

  3. Leaving the machined tweeter horn screwed into the cabinet, spin off the old tweeter and network assembly.

  4. Spin on the new tweeter and network assembly into the horn.

  5. Connect the four Faston leads, red to positive (+).

  6. Remount the 10” full-range driver back down.

  7. Repack the old tweeters and network in the now empty package.

  8. Slap the supplied return shipping label on the box and drop it off with US Post.

  9. Enjoy.

Sold as a critically matched set.