Connect Cleaning Kit

Connect Cleaning Kit


Clean and polish your connections once a year. After polishing avoid touching the contacts, keeping them free of the oils and halides on your skin will help ensure a solid long-term connection. Gold and other platings are designed to keep contacts from tarnishing but polishing can improve their performance too.

The treated, pink polishing cloths will last for several years if stored in the sealed aluminum bag. Cloth should be replaced once it becomes dry or if it becomes excessively dirty—all black with no pink.

Wash your hands with soap and water before and after polishing.

Clean and polish each connector for 15 to 30 seconds. Immediately wipe polish off and buff with cloth. When you’re done wash your hands.

Copper Spade Lugs

Once a year.

Cardas Patented Binding Posts

Once a year. Remove the knob and black plastic clamping block, this allows full access of the (+) and (–) copper lugs.

ZuB3 (speakON 8-pole)

Polishing is unnecessary.

Banana And RCA Plugs

Clean and polish the pins, and on RCA plugs polish the inside contact of the plug sleeve.

XLR / Male

Clean and polish the pins, remove polish and buff with cotton swabs.

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