Johnson IA-423 Silver Bearing Solder 1 lb Spool

Johnson IA-423 Silver Bearing Solder 1 lb Spool

  • Sn/4.7Ag/1.7Cu Ames Alloy (lead-free)

  • .032” diameter

  • 423˚F [217°C] melting point

  • Solid core so you can use the right flux for the job

  • 1 pound [453 gr] spool

[One pound is a lot of solder, if you are a light user consider the 1/10 pound coil. And if you have never used sold core, and you don’t have fluxes on hand, pickup a syringe of the general Kesler flux.]

Tech/datasheet from Johnson

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Developed by Ames Laboratory, on the campus of Iowa State University.

Johnson's #IA-423 is a "ternary eutectic" alloy, i.e., a composition comprising its three component elements (tin, silver and copper) that both melts and flows at a single low temperature. Practically speaking, eutectic alloys are shinier, stronger and have a tighter, more refined grain structure than near-eutectic or non-eutectic compositions. As a result, IA-423 and a family of its close relatives are the de facto replacements for the lead-containing solders used in electronic assemblies, printed circuit boards, copper foil stained glass work, aerospace, automotive, electrical, refrigeration and many other high-tech, or industrial soldering applications.

If you don’t have flux on hand, we recommend you also order the Kesler 979 solding flux [link].