Eminence APT50-V3

Eminence APT50-V3

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Eminence APT50 (V3, which is current) new, bettered, tested and ready to sing.

All our APT-50 drivers are purchased directly from Eminence. In addition to Eminence's great build we apply a West Systems G-flex epoxy fillet to the top plate/magnet junction to significantly improve sheer strength (+10x) and reduce and damp stress risers and resonance. We are offering the singles that pass our pass/fail test but do not pair up to our Standard-Grade level of matching.

  • 1-3/8–18 thread (15/16" deep)
  • 8Ω (7.4Ω min at 6k, 6.5Ω DCr)
  • 104dB-SPL @ 1W,1m on axis using matching Zu lens.
  • 4,000~20,000Hz bandwidth using matching Zu lens.
  • 35W AES power handling within bandwidth.

[Eminence APT-50 Product Page for Complete Spec's]

Price Includes:

1x Eminence APT-50-V3 Tweeter.
60-day satisfaction guarantee—we cover return shipping.
(Model's hand not included.)

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