Omen DW [Mk.I & II] ClarityCap Upgrade W/Leads

Omen DW [Mk.I & II] ClarityCap Upgrade W/Leads


Matched set (2x) ClarityCap MR capacitors assembled with leads and connectors for the Mk.I and Mk.II Omen Dirty Weekend loudspeakers.

This is NOT the no-solder/no-glue plug-and-play kit for upgrading the Omen loudspeakers. Those are here:

With this capacitor set, original network removal from your tweeter is required. Some soldering is required on the Omen Mk.I—the bared lead will need to be soldered to the solder cup of the tweeter. No soldering for the Omen DW Mk.II tweeter, it features a quick-clip post. We also recommend the new capacitor be glued to the back of the tweeters with a flexible adhesive. Our three favorites are: E-6000, Loctite Polyseamseal Clear, and Permatex Right Stuff.

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The filter on the tweeter of the Omen Dirty Weekend Mk.I and Mk.II is a simple monopole - a single capacitor. The stock capacitor used is a decent polypropylene ERSE Pulse-X. Upgrading from this to the ClarityCap MR makes a nice, easy to notice difference, increasing the resolution of the treble while simultaneously making the sound more wholistic—relaxed, smooth, comfortably more vibrant and realistic.