ClarityCap MR 1.0µF 400V Matched Pair

ClarityCap MR 1.0µF 400V Matched Pair


These are just capacitors and do not include the leads or connectors. It is not the plug and play kit for upgrading the Omen loudspeakers. If you are looking for this upgrade, please check out the upgrade page for Omen DW tweeter upgrade options.

2x ClarityCap™ MR™ 1µF 400V capacitors. They are factory matched to 1/100th of a microfarad and within 2% of 1µF.

  • 1/100th microfarad matched.

  • Within 2% of absolute value.

  • Matched from the same batch (no cross batch matching).

  • Made in UK by ClartiyCap for Zu Audio.

  • Pure copper solid core leadouts (3" each).

  • 1.8" [40mm] long, 1" [25mm] diameter.

Sold as a critically matched pair.

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