Mk.I Omen DW ClarityCap & Tweeter Upgrade Kit

Mk.I Omen DW ClarityCap & Tweeter Upgrade Kit


For the original Omen Dirty Weekend, Mark-One [Mk.I]

This kit replaces the left/right set of your complete tweeter assembly: tweeter driver, machined lens (horn) and high-pass network. This kit includes the ClarityCap MR capacitor upgrade.

Once installed and smiling, send your old tweeter assemblies and the supplied tools back and we’ll refund you $140 - that’s just $199 out of pocket inclusive of shipping! (Those living outside the contiguous US can expect to pay more for shipping.)

These kits are made to order.

On Your Feet or on Your Knees (kitchen table or on the rug, yes this is a reference to BöC) these Omen Dirty Weekend tweeter/filter network assemblies can be easily installed in-home with simple screwdriver-level DIY skills - no soldering (or safeword) required. It should only take you an hour for the pair.


  • 2x matched Eminence ASD:1001 tweeter drivers.

  • 2x matched high-pass filters (ClarityCap MR capacitors, mounted and wired up).

  • 2x new machined lenses that mate with the new driver and network.

  • 1x Torx screwdriver.

  • 1x #1 square drive screwdriver.

  • Return shipping label (US lower 48 only).

Sold as a critically matched paired set.

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About the capacitor on the tweeter: the filter-cap on the tweeter of the Omen Dirty Weekend Mk.I is a simple monopole, a single capacitor. The stock capacitor used is a decent polypropylene ERSE Pulse-X. Upgrading from this to the ClarityCap MR in conjunction with the new tweeter driver and lens makes quite a nice difference, increasing the resolution of the treble while simultaneously making the sound more wholistic—relaxed, smooth, comfortably more vibrant and pleasurable.

ClarityCap MR upgrade consists of a new matched pair of tweeters with the ClarityCap MR filters attached to the tweeter drivers and ready for easy installation:

  1. Read these instructions before you start.

  2. Remove the 10” full-range driver (8x Torx T-25 screw heads).

  3. Lift the full-range driver up high enough that you can fit a hand inside and wiggle the Faston connections off the full-range driver tabs.

  4. Remove the tweeter mounting screws (4x #1 square drive screws).

  5. Lift the old tweeter assembly out.

  6. Mount the new tweeter lens in the cabinet. NOTE: the new tweeter driver will not fit through the hole in the cabinet so you will need to spin the tweeter driver (and attached high-pass network) into the mounted tweeter lens from inside the cabinet. The mesh screen goes in between the tweeter lens and tweeter. This is placed on the tweeter prior to screwing it on to the lens.

  7. Connect the four Faston leads, red to positive (+), to the 10” driver tabs. Typically main harness leads to the inner tabs, tweeter leads to the outer tabs.

  8. Remount the 10” full-range driver back down.

  9. Repack the old tweeter drivers, network and lens in the now empty package making sure nothing is going to bugger anything up.

  10. Slap the supplied return shipping label on the box and drop it off with US Post.

  11. Enjoy.

  12. Get money back when we get your old, not dinged up parts.

How to get money back for your old stuff

Nicely and safely repack the following:

  • 2x old tweeter drivers and their networks ($50).

  • 2x old machined tweeter lens ($80).

  • 1x Torx screwdriver ($5).

  • 1x Square drive screwdriver ($5).

  • Slap the supplied return shipping label on the box and drop it off with US Postal Service.

  • Wait a week or two and presto, money hits you back in the account you originally paid with.