5-Way Loudspeaker Binding Post Pair

5-Way Loudspeaker Binding Post Pair


Nickel plated, machined brass 5-way binding posts with 1/4" FastOn connection blade. We have these made for us in Taiwan by a connector company specializing in RF connectors. They are really well made and a nice step over the other machined 5-way binding posts, both in visible quality and measured contact resistance. Price is low because we import them directly by the thousands.

  • Main body is machined from billet high copper brass, all connections are made on this one piece body thus reducing contact impedance.
  • Clamping nut features captured, internally polished swiveling washer for improved spade (fork) clamping force and thus reduced contact resistance.
  • Main body features machined spade mating surface that increases the contact pressure with spade lug, again to lower contact resistance.
  • FastOn (1/4" x .035" thick) male spade is machined into the body, for better contact of the internal leads of the loudspeaker system.
  • Pure nickel plated for excellent conductance and long-term performance.
  • Accepts: 1/4" [6.3mm] spades, 5/16" [8mm] oversized spades, bare wire (up to #6 AWG), banana plugs, and pins.
  • Material pass-through depth: .35" [9mm].
  • Pass-through bore: 15/32" [12mm].
  • Fasting nut size: 12mm [1/2" also works].
  • Key: .1 x .1" [0.25 x 0.25mm].
  • Can be clocked for horizontal or vertical bare wire thru hole alignment.

Price is for the pair (1x red, 1x black).

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