Ibis Loudspeaker Jumpers

Ibis Loudspeaker Jumpers

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Ibis Jumpers are designed to replace the brass jumper straps common to most all dual input loudspeaker binding posts (2 red posts, 2 black posts per loudspeaker). The brass jumpers are there so that you can run single wire input, or remove them and run bi-wire input cables. Those using standard single wire inputs will benefit from replacing the basic brass jumpers with the high conductance Ibis Jumpers.

Ibis Jumpers are as good as it gets for replacing those less than hi-fi brass straps on bi-wireable speakers. Termination is not solder but an extreme pressure crimp (cold forged to the conductor). Loudspeakers with jumpers are designed, or at least marketed, as being able to benefit from being “bi-wired” which is to run two cables from the amp to the speakers; one connecting the lower binding post and another connecting the higher. In our experience it is generally better for the same investment to use just one cable of a higher quality than two lesser, using the Zu Ibis jumpers to connect the input terminals in place of the stock brass straps.

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Price is for a matched set, enough for one pair of loudspeakers—4x straps.

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Installation Notes

Switch your power amp off prior to disconnecting or connecting your loudspeaker cables. 

Now, wash your hands with soap prior to handling any cable with bare metal—you don’t want to push halides and other subtle tone robbers into the amplifier, cable or loudspeaker connectors. If you do touch the exposed contacts you might want to buff them with a clean cotton rag. Keeping the contacts free of contaminants ensures a long-term and trouble-free connection.

To clean plated connectors, shinny bright gold or silver colored ones, just use rubbing alcohol on a cotton cloth and some cotton swabs to get into the tight parts. If the connector being cleaned is bare copper or silver we recommend cleaning them with our favorite polish, Cape Cod.

Anytime you are making an electrical connection make it a habit to inspect the contacts and clean them if they are tarnished or dirty. Our bare copper spade lugs may need to be cleaned every year, depending on how clean they are when connected and your environment. Most any copper polish will work for this though we have found Cape Cod™ to be excellent. Brasso™ is also good. Acid based cleaners are tricky, if you don’t have experience cleaning copper with acid we wouldn’t recommend that you start with your audio gear. Most of the time your terminals are going to be in good condition and just need a little buffing and for that you can use a bit of alcohol and a cotton cloth.


Zu Ibis Jumpers will require a good bit of play before they are fully burned in, roughly 400 hours—the use of Teflon® equals slow burn-in. We do not recommend any burn-in devices or special recordings. We do recommend music you enjoy, preferably upbeat full spectrum recordings: rock, roots, full orchestra, big band.... For the possible how and whys about burn-in please see our Answers section.

Ibis Jumper maintenance

No maintenance is required for the wire or the connectors save for the annual copper spade cleaning. If your connector contacts are nice and bright, don’t worry about it. However, anytime you are making an electrical connection make it a habit to inspect the contacts and clean them if they are tarnished or dirty.

Termination Options

  • Standard spade: 1/4” (6.3 mm) inside diameter [outside fork width = 7/16” (11 mm)].
  • Oversized spade: 5/16” (8 mm) inside diameter [outside fork width 5/8” (15.9 mm)].
  • Banana plug: (ITT-Pomona) fits common banana socket 5/32” - 3/16” (4.0 - 4.7 mm).
  • Bare wire.