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This really is a simple choice. If you are looking for a super good headphone extension cable, that is the highest quality, best materials and totally engineered, your search is over.

Mobius-Ext is light, flexible, easy to manage and super durable. At home in hi-fi headphone rigs as well as recording and mastering studios. Mobius cable does take a week or two to shake out some of the grain and tiz, most however find it to be a much better than what they were running.

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Cable Highlights

  • Cable design preserves all the good qualities of the original while becoming manageable.

  • Concentric-lay copper/silver alloy conductor with Teflon insulation for smoother overall sound.

  • Static dissipating sheath.

  • Sheath is also acoustically dead, engineered to absorb handling noise.

  • Manufactured by Zu in Ogden, Utah—USA. 



Mobius does take a few weeks to sound its best, most however find it to be better than stock right out of the box. Please do not worry about or use any special burn-in systems or procedures, just listen and enjoy. Complete burn-in is roughly 400 hours. Zu does not recommend any contact enhancing products for the Mobius, or any Zu interconnecting patch cable. For our thoughts on burn-in please see the Answers section.