Mission Mini to RCA

Mission Mini to RCA

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"iPods are a gateway drug" –Nelson Pass. And we completely agree with him. The more kids the globe has listening to music the better regardless of where they get it from.

Here we offer a fantastic cable as a lost leader to get kids and the unknowing into better sound and the Zu brand. Know how good your iPod™ or other such pocket player can sound, it's much better than you think. Yeah, it's a lot of cash for a cable, but if getting the most music you can out of your player is the goal you want to give these cables a chance.

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Tech Specs

  • 1/8" [3.5mm] miniphone to RCA or

  • 1/8" [3.5mm} miniphone to 1/8" [3.5mm] miniphone.

Mission Cable features Zu and W.L. Gore™ stereo transmission technologies. They ensure the best possible tone, extension and clarity from your miniphone jack output and allow improved resolution from the system through lower noise and greater bandwidth.

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