Napa, CA Private House Party

  • Napa Napa, CA USA

Private house party previewing the soon to be released Experience loudspeaker.
(Experience makes its public debut at the Munich Hi-Fi show in May.)

Meet, mingle and listen. Light finger fair with nice wines and interesting beer.

You are welcome to bring your music: wax, SACD, CD, Tidal.

Wanting to attend? Contact

40 minute from Napa County Airport.

Playback Rig Detail

  • Zu Experience loudspeakers
  • Zu Event Mk.II cables
  • Zu custom casework
  • Lamm preamp and amplification
  • Schiit YGGDRASIL D/A
  • Antipodes server
  • Zu/Luxman PD-444 deck
  • K&K Maxed Out/Silver phono stage
March 14