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Event S/PDIF

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Zu Event Mk.II S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) complies to AES3 Unbalanced specifications and supports all older S/PDIF I/O interface electronics.

Event S/PDIF Mk.II is a true 75Ω coaxial cable designed from the ground up (standing on the shoulder’s of Tesla, Feynman and others of course) to support the AES3 Unbalanced and specification. The design ensures the most pristine handling of signal and safeguards the transmitted signal.

Yes, we think this is the finest S/PDIF / AES3 Unbalanced cable ever, but it is just a cable and no cable will save you from Hell, not even our Event line of magic.

The Magic, The Details

The design and build of this cable is unique in both the electromagnetic function and material pallet. For example the dielectric space between signal conductor and ground is quite unique consisting of Teflon, carbon, Dacron and air, realizing a relative primitivity significantly less than Teflon alone; all the while keeping the cable physically tough. Balancing materials in the dielectric space, along with conductor and ground ratios also yield a cable that likely has a faster propagation velocity than any of its competition.* Quality of build and QA considerations in the process engineering also ensure a very consistent cable which results in extremely good standing wave ratio performance—allowing you to use the length you need while knowing your performance will not be compromised.

* Reference Event S/PDIF Mk.II’s tests and measures.

Targets we feel we hit from Event S/PDIF Mk.I to Mk.II

  • Deeper sense of ease in all tones, textures, phrasing and dynamic shades especially in the treble region.
  • Magnified cogency of intelligence and transient—better pop, shove, hit and attack.
  • Sanctification of the inner detail—bass through treble, not simply treble hyped.
  • And significantly elevated emotional teleportation powers.
  • You should be smiling about now. Sure, we think this is an amazing cable, but the hype and spiel in the cable world is generally such nonsense.

If the Event S/PDIF Mk.II fits your budget we do hope you will give it a try, our 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee makes that easy—trust your own ears, only you know what works for you.

Thanks for your interest, please don’t hesitate to call or email. We love what we create and make and we're here to help.

Digital audio is as nuanced and finicky as analog, some would say even more so. Things you wouldn’t think would make a difference to observed fidelity often do. Even so there are a few basics we have found essential to good design; exceeding bandwidth spec’s with minimum group-delay and maximum inter-channel and environment RF immunity so long as shielding does not hinder significantly the target bridge measures—true for digitized audio, true for analog audio. Okay, now for the facts:

Event S/PDIF Spec’s + Ad Copy Download

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Conductor: Pure solid-core silver.
Dielectric: Teflon, air, Dacron, graphite.
Shielding/HM-RF: fine-strand silver plated copper high-magnitude EM/RF shielding.
Shielding/Static+RF: Carbon.
Sheathing: braided heavy gauge monofilament nylon.

Impedance: 75Ω
Propagation Delay: 4.2nS/m
Capacitance Parallel: 50pF/m
Resistance: 0.82Ω/m center conductor
Resistance: 0.02Ω/m ground

Download complete tests and measures plus ad copy here.